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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
David Eaheart, APR

Sodium reduced in PrairieFresh Prime® brand pork items
A 4-oz serving lowered to 280mg or a 26 percent reduction

SHAWNEE MISSION, Kan. (April 13, 2011) — Seaboard Foods announced today it has reduced sodium in its PrairieFresh Prime® brand fresh pork products. The sodium content for a 4-ounce serving of unseasoned PrairieFresh Prime® pork loin was lowered to 280 milligrams (mg) — a 26 percent sodium reduction — while maintaining the unique eating experience created by the proprietary PrairieFresh Prime® process.

Recognizing the focus on sodium reduction, Seaboard Foods began to lower sodium in its PrairieFresh Prime® product line in 2010. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans released in January recommends reducing sodium to less than 2,300 mg per day, and for persons older than 51 and any age African American to limit sodium intake to 1,500 mg a day.

The proprietary PrairieFresh Prime® process creates an ideal ratio of lean pork protein and intramuscular fat allowing the pork to baste in its own juices when cooking for an eating experience just like the best cuts of beef.

“Since creating pork with this kind of tenderness and cookability in 2007, the PrairieFresh Prime® brand has generated a whole new culinary landscape,” said Tom Blumhardt, Seaboard Foods vice president of marketing. “We’ve given cooks so much more versatility in the kitchen than ever before. Not only have we created a more delicious cut of pork, it also allows for a wider variety of menu options because of its easy-cooking, superior flavor, texture and juiciness. Now with the reduced sodium formulation, it will fit most everyone’s diet.”

PrairieFresh Prime® products include unseasoned and seasoned pork loin roasts, loin filets, tenderloins, pork shoulder steaks, steamship leg of pork and pork medallions. In addition to these premium pork items, the lower sodium formulation is used in all PrairieFresh Prime® Cook-in Bag seasoned pork loins, tenderloins, loin backribs and St. Louis style spareribs, which allow consumers to conveniently cook fresh pork in a fraction of the time without the mess of traditional cooking methods.

PrairieFresh Prime® Pork provides the chef or home cook unparalleled cooking tolerance, holding characteristics, flavor and texture. In taste panels, consumer panelists consistently rated PrairieFresh Prime® pork loins well above "moderately juicy."

Nutritional information for PrairieFresh Prime® products can be viewed at www.PrairieFresh.com.

Seaboard Foods, with headquarters in Shawnee Mission, Kan., is an integrated food company and a leading U.S. pork producer and a top exporter of pork to Japan and Mexico. Seaboard Foods employs more than 4,500 people in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Utah and Montana. Products sold internationally bear the Seaboard Farms® brand. In the United States, Seaboard Foods markets fresh products under the PrairieFresh® Premium Pork and PrairieFresh Prime® brands, and processed meats under the Daily’s® Premium Meats brand. As part of the company’s sustainability commitment, Seaboard Foods formed High Plains Bioenergy, a subsidiary committed to creating sustainable energy solutions from the Seaboard Foods integrated system. For more information, visit www.SeaboardFoods.com. For more information, log onto the company Web site at www.PrairieFresh.com.

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PrairieFresh Prime Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions

PrairieFresh Prime Boneless Pork Loin

PrairieFresh Prime Cook-In Bag Seasoned Pork St. Louis Style Sparerib

PrairieFresh Prime Cook-In Bag Unseasoned Pork Backrib 3

PrairieFresh Prime Cook-In Bag Unseasoned Pork St. Louis Style Sparerib

PrairieFresh Prime Pork Chop Plated

PrairieFresh Prime Pork Loin Roast Plated

PrairieFresh Prime Pork Medallions

PrairieFresh Prime Pork Medallions-Sliders

PrairieFresh Prime Pork Tenderloin